About Us

HoteloHotelo is Israel’s major supplier of large integrated projects for total building management, and a leading developer and manufacturer of building management systems including energy-saving low-voltage/low-current systems for hotels, commercial centers, shopping malls, and office buildings.

Based in Petach Tikva, in the greater Tel Aviv area, Hotelo’s main office is manned by a workforce of 60 seasoned professionals including sales personnel, engineers, project managers, technicians and support staff. To ensure its rapid-response capabilities in the country’s southern region, Hotelo also operates an office branch in Eilat, including a fleet of vehicles and a permanent staff of fifteen. The company structure includes several departments, including a Sales and Marketing Department, Research and Development, Engineering, Production, and a Projects Department.

The Service and Installations Department employs sophisticated communications equipment to ensure the most reliable, accessible and rapid-response service – 24 hours a day. The expert software and hardware team provides perfectly adapted systems, customized to meet the most demanding client specifications.

Hotelo’s outstanding advantage is its ability to provide planning consultancy, full customization, as well as installation, after-sales service, and reliable on-going support and maintenance – all under one roof.