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Modern buildings today – hotels, residential and office towers – operate as a sophisticated living organism. A multitude of highly complex systems currently manage almost every domain in modern buildings, and serve as a central nervous system commanded by a single brain. These systems control energy consumption, access, entertainment systems, temperature and more.

Hotelo offers a variety of complete solutions for any public building, from planning and provisioning, through installation and maintenance, to low voltage management tools and monitoring systems.

Hotelo is Israel’s major supplier of large integrated projects for total building management, and a leading developer and manufacturer of building management systems.

Hotelo’s main office is manned by a workforce of 60 seasoned professionals including sales personnel, engineers, project managers, technicians and support staff. The Service and Installations Department employes sophisticated communications equipment to ensure the most reliable, accessible and rapid-response service – 24 hours a day. Hotelo’s expert software and hardware team provides perfectly adapted systems, customized to meet the most demanding client specifications.

Be sure to look into our product offerings and view a selection of our acclaimed projects. Please feel free to contact us with any question or comment.