The CompuSave S-505 Room Controller

The CompuSave S-505 Room Controller

S-505CompuSave S-505 is an energy-saving management system for the budget-conscious hotel or other establishment, that cuts energy costs by up to 50% without cutting down on comfort.





Click here to view the S-505’s block diagram

Standard Features

  •  Room Status Reports
    On-line, real-time reporting to front desk.
    Room status reports include a quickly readable display of all the following parameters:
      Lights (on/off)
      Communications (operational/not operational)
      Air Conditioning (on/off)
      Door and Windows
      Delay Time (time between vacating the room and turning off energy consumers) – including numerical and bar-graph display
      Safe and Minibar (indications of when these were last opened, etc.)
      Security (on/off) – Guest may request front desk to activate room security while he is out
      Room Status (occupied / unoccupied)
      VIP / BYPASS Override – This cancels automatic room shut-off, keeping room heated, cooled, etc. for special status guests
  • General Status Reports
    On-line reporting to front desk regarding number of rooms in VIP / Bypass override mode.
    This information permanently appears along the bottom of the screen.
  • Historical Files
    All the information received by the system is automatically stored for future reference.
    Simple retrieval of information & event history. This information permanently appears along the bottom of the screen.
  • Statistical Reports
    CompuSave will calculate your energy savings on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
    It will analyse all the historical and current information and help you make realistic forecasts and the right decisions.
  • Compressor Protection
    Full protection of A/C compressor is ensured by the 3-5 minute delay between shut-off and start-up, which significantly reduces depreciation of A/C compressors and motors.
  • Communication interface with PMS (optional)
    This feature allows interactive check-in / check-out.
  • DND/PNR (Do Not Disturb / Please Make Room) (Optional)
    If a guest wants his room made up, or wishes not to be disturbed, he can notify front desk via a guestroom mini-control panel.
  • Emergency Button (optional)
    Similarly, with the installation of a guestroom mini-control panel, a guest can alert front desk of any emergency.

Optional Stand Alone Room Operation (without communication)

A simpler model, a stand-alone system with no communication, operates each room individually.
This model is specially designed for small operations.