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Hotelo executes low-voltage projects and installations in hotels in Israel and the world, including a broad range of room control systems, building control systems, and fire and security alarms.

Hotelo has installed its systems in such hotels as Albergo de Largosa – Rhodos, Greece, Club Hotel Loutraki, Greece, as well as numerous hotels in Israel.

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Shopping Malls

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Hotelo installs systems that are tailored to the unique characteristics of large scale shopping complexes and commercial centers.

These include control units for various electro-mechanical components, energy consumtion monitoring as well as fire and security alarms.

Hotelo’s shopping mall installations boast a proved track record of outstanding levels of reliability and customer-satisfaction.

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Office Buildings

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Hotelo’s longstanding expertise in designing, installing and maintaining building management systems in the Hotel world has also proven valuable in office building projects.

Hotelo has setup advanced systems in several office complexes in Israel and Europe with great success, and is today positioned as a regional leader in the field.

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