Shopping Malls – A Success Story: Renanim Mall

Renanim Mall, Israel

Rananim MallThe Renannim Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Israel, with approximately 75,000 sqm, and over 300 stores and businesses. Our company installed a large-scale Building Management System comprised of 3000 points, for controlled command of all the electro-mechanical elements operating in the mall area.

The air conditioning system includes complete DDC control of all machinery including communication adapters for chillers. A control system monitors and displays data relating to the mall’s two fire alarm systems, manufactured by Notifire and Cerebrus.

The control also monitors and measures individual energy consumption of the mall’s 300 users and issues electric bills for payment to the mall’s management. Display screens provide full-animation capabilities, warnings and comprehensive data on mall system operations.

The Renanim Mall project, which was characterized by especially high standard requirements of the owners and designers regarding the full integration of its systems, reflects our company’s capabilities in computerized systems integration.